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Ox Publishing provides an outstanding value and unmatched customer service for our clientele. Affiliates of Ox Publishing enjoy high payouts and a way to help your customers achieve their goals. After joining, you will find that you have a new team that will help you build your business. 

Weekly Payouts:


No other affiliate program is as easy‚Ķsimply drive your clients to the Landing Page that we provide.  Once your customer has successfully made an initial purchase, your commission is generated and locked into the "back office" of Ox Publishing.

Our Affiliate Manager and the Customer Care Team go to great lengths to determine the source of all orphan consumers. When Ox Publishing receives a qualified purchase without an affiliate code, the client is sent two emails to obtain the information. The sale becomes a "house" sale unless assigned to an affiliate within 30 days of the transaction.

Commission Period:


A calendar week: midnight Sunday through Midnight Saturday. Consumer payment must be completed during this time to be eligible for payment in the following week.




Payouts are made each Friday via Check mailed to the address on record. Delivery of checks can take as long as two weeks. A $35 stop payment fee will be assessed on all re-issued payments. All Charge Backs or customer cancellations will be assessed against future payments. 


A Qualifying sale is required to earn a commission.

Review our published Commission Structure to thoroughly understand what you will earn for each sale.

Only qualified sales are accepted. Ox Publishing reserves the right to reject any sale, refund the credit card, and cancel the client's account. Consumers must use their personal debit or credit card. .

Your customer, the consumer, must provide OX must complete the application. Ox requires the consumer to "double opt in" for their account to activate.

RESPA Compliant - if your industry is covered by RESPA or similar law that precludes you from earning a commission on your customers, you are ineligible to become an affiliate.

Upon Termination, all commissions will be held for a period of sixty days.

24/7 Back Office:

After approval and acceptance of your application, every affiliate is provided with a special login user ID and password with which you may access real time information on your sales, cancellations, and commission payments. Your Affiliate Manager will provide you with this information in your "Welcome Package" email.

The Ox Publishing Back Office is designed to allow you to keep up with your customers, providing you with a host of information about their purchases and their payment history. You may simply select a specific date range and the database instantly provides you with the list of sales, cancellations, and commission payments during that specified time frame.


You want to jump start your business with OX. Thus we have developed the Jump Start Webinar that is held each week. See emails for schedule or contact the office. On this exciting one hour webinar, Joel Pate the Founder and President of the company will present OX in a way that allow you to understand all of the specifics and how to sell the program. Marketing materials will be demonstrated, every question will be answered. Everything you need to build your business will be covered in the weekly Jump Start Webinar.

Creating Wealth with OX webinar series. Each week the company president highlights one area of the business and then interviews a top affiliate. Recent Subjects: "How do you sell OX? How did you build your business? What trends are you seeing? are just a few of the topics of each Creating Wealth Webinar. You just don't want to miss it if you are serious about your business and your business with OX. Schedule announced each week.

Getting Help:

If you think your question has probably been asked before by other affiliates, you may access the Affiliate FAQ's. Click here to go there now.

If your question is not listed, use our ticket system: You will be surprised how fast we respond.