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CIA Book Of Dirty Tricks

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An Excerpt:  Airlines

Arrange to have a friend meet you at the terminal gate when you

deplane. Give your friend your baggage claim checks and have him/her

retrieve your bags from the carousel, then leave the baggage area with your

bags. Before your friend leaves the airport with your luggage, be sure to get

your claim checks back. Then, you saunter over to the baggage area, spend

half an hour waiting for your bags. Ask some clerks for help, then report

your "missing" luggage, showing your claim checks as proof. Very few

flights ever have a clerk actually check the baggage and collect claim

checks. It's foolish, but they don't. Make a polite, but firm scene and

demand satisfaction. Normally, the airline people will have you fill out a

form and they will attempt to find your luggage. Obviously, they won't find

it. Bug them some...write them letters. Soon, you should get a good

settlement from the airline. Don't try to pull this one on the same airline

more than once!

Leaving the airlines and aiming for the individual mark, you can do a

lot of personal damage. For instance, if you find your mark is going to use

airline travel, you could call and cancel the reservations.

You might try to slip a couple rounds of pistol ammunition or a

switchblade in


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