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Rollo in the Woods

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Rollo in the Woods.  Jacob Abbott

"All this time, Jonas was at work in the bushes, at a little distance. He
now came to Rollo's wigwam-ground, and took hold of the marker, and held
it off as far from the middle stake as it would go, and then began to
make a mark on the ground all around the middle stake. Now, as the
marker was tied to the middle stake by the string, the mark was equally
distant from the middle stake in every part, and that made it exactly
round. Then Jonas laid down the marker, and pulled out the middle stake;
and they looked down and saw that there was a round mark on the ground,
about as large as a cart-wheel.

Then Jonas took the crowbar, and made deep holes all around, in this
circle, so far apart that Rollo could just step from one to the other.
But Rollo could not understand how he could make a house so."


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