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Dear First Time Home Buyer,

Every year, Federal, State and Local government and community development programs help thousands of people obtain there first home.

These programs are available to people at a wide range of income levels and much of this money goes unused because people are unaware of the availability of these funds or they don't know how to go about applying for them.

No one is going to just walk up and hand you this money. You need to know where to look and who to contact and this can be a daunting task, that is why we have assembled First Time Home Buyers Guide To Free Money And Low Interest Loans, an informative and complete eBook that will walk you through the entire process and save you thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan.

Inside this guide you will learn:

How Much Home Can You Afford?- The first step in the home-buying process is to determine how much home you can afford. Lenders use certain criteria to determine this amount and you will learn what they are. After all, you don't want to be wasting your time looking at 150,000 dollar homes when what you can afford is a 100,000 dollar home. But don't worry, our guide will also show you how to get the most home for your dollar as well.

Bargain Properties From The Government You may have seen the ads on TV for a list of foreclosure homes. Well, you don't need to pay for this information, we will show you where to find foreclosure homes from the government. Not just HUD homes, but homes from several government programs at prices way below market value.

Free Down PaymentMoney For First Time Home Buyers Great programs that help thousands of families realize their dream of home ownership by assisting them with the down payment and closing costs are available through government and community action groups. In this chapter you will learn how to locate and apply for this free money.

No and Low Down Payment Financing Programs In this chapter we cover the many different programs available from the government for financing your new home with little or no down payment and at exceptional interest rates. By using these programs you can purchase more home then what you would qualify for with conventional sources of financing. There are also many programs for low-income families that normally would not qualify for home ownership.

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