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How To Improve Your Reading Speed & Comprehension

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You may be one of the masses who believe that reading fast and comprehending what you read is only for certain people who have a "smart gene!"

Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. Speed reading with a high level of comprehension is a "learned" skill and not inherited.

If you listen very carefully I'll tell you how you can read your way into unimaginable speeds AND remember everything you've read.

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Did you know that most of us play an ongoing game inside our brain? All day long we play this game that is somewhat like playing tennis. One part of your brain will throw out a thought like a tennis ball and another part will answer by whacking it back with a reply.

When it comes to reading, we tend to actually "vocalize" each word inside our brain. This is one of a number of things that prevents us from reading faster.

Doesn't it stand to reason that if you can by-pass that mechanism the speed of reading will increase? Absolutely.

When it comes to reading, you are still using the reading "habits" that you were taught in school. For most people this isn't necessarily a good thing. Why is that? It is because you are not using the full potential of your brain.

Anyone can learn how to read faster!

All you need is the desire to improve your reading skills and the means to retrain your brain and "How to Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension" will help you boost your reading speed AND comprehension.

If you are reading this, you already have the desire and are looking for the method without breaking the bank on expensive courses that may or may not help you achieve the goals you have in mind.

The good news is that we have the best source on the Internet to answer your questions in a clear and concise manner. "How to Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension" is a definite must have to introduce you to what you need to know to achieve the results you desire! 

See what you will learn:

  • What is Speed Reading?

  • How we learned to read slowly.

  • Who needs Speed Reading?

  • Is speed reading a genetic ability or a learned skill?

  • How you can test your own reading speed.

  • How to test and time yourself.

  • Test yourself to determine your retention.

  • It is important to track your progress.

  • About "speed reading" books and classes.

  • What happens to your eyes while you are reading?

  • What role do your hands play in reading?

  • Fiction vs. non-fiction – is there a difference?

  • Speed reading and how we vocalize.

  • How to increase your reading speed.

  • How to increase your comprehension

You just have to experience "How to Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension" in order to really understand how you can take your reading speed from 250 wpm (the average) and match it up with your "thinking rate" of 500 wpm (again the average).

If you have ever wondered about whether you have the talent to increase your reading speed, again, it has nothing to do with innate talent and everything to do with learning new skills. You owe it to yourself to grab a copy of "How to Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension."

Whatever your reason for speeding up your reading and comprehension don't continue the "status quo" because you think you can't do it. You can and do it with "How to Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension."


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