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Adventures of Reddy Fox

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Adventures of Reddy Fox.  Thorton W Burgess

"Reddy Fox lived with Granny Fox. You see, Reddy was one of a

large family, so large that Mother Fox had hard work to feed so

many hungry little mouths and so she had let Reddy go to live

with old Granny Fox. Granny Fox was the wisest, slyest, smartest

fox in all the country round, and now that Reddy had grown so

big, she thought it about time that he began to learn the things

that every fox should know. So every day she took him hunting

with her and taught him all the things that she had learned about

hunting: about how to steal Farmer Brown's chickens without

awakening Bowser the Hound, and all about the thousand and one

ways of fooling a dog which she had learned."


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