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Dream Days

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Dream Days.  Kenneth Grahame

"In the matter of general culture and attainments, we youngsters

stood on pretty level ground.  True, it was always happening that

one of us would be singled out at any moment, freakishly, and

without regard to his own preferences, to wrestle with the

inflections of some idiotic language long rightly dead; while

another, from some fancied artistic tendency which always failed

to justify itself, might be told off without warning to hammer

out scales and exercises, and to bedew the senseless keys with

tears of weariness or of revolt.  But in subjects common to

either sex, and held to be necessary even for him whose

ambition soared no higher than to crack a whip in a circus-ring--

in geography, for instance, arithmetic, or the weary doings of

kings and queens--each would have scorned to excel.  And, indeed,

whatever our individual gifts, a general dogged determination to

shirk and to evade kept us all at much the same dead level,--a

level of ignorance tempered by insubordination."                          



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