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Indian Boyhood

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Indian Boyhood.  Charles A Eastman

"WHAT boy would not be an Indian

for a while when he thinks of the

freest life in the world? This life

was mine.  Every day there was

a real hunt.  There was real game.

Occasionally there was a medicine

dance away off in the woods where no one could

disturb us, in which the boys impersonated their

elders, Brave Bull, Standing Elk, High Hawk,

Medicine Bear, and the rest.  They painted and

imitated their fathers and grandfathers to the

minutest detail, and accurately too, because they

had seen the real thing all their lives.


We were not only good mimics but we were

close students of nature.  We studied the habits

of animals just as you study your books.  We

watched the men of our people and represented

them in our play; then learned to emulate them in

our lives."


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