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Stories to Tell to Children

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  An Excerpt:  ""Concerning the fundamental points of

method in telling a story, I have little to

add to the principles which I have already

stated as necessary, in my opinion, in the

book of which this is, in a way, the

continuation.  But in the two years which

have passed since that book was written, I

have had the happiness of working on

stories and the telling of them, among

teachers and students all over this country,

and in that experience certain secondary

points of method have come to seem more

important, or at least more in need of

emphasis, than they did before.  As so

often happens, I had assumed that "those

things are taken for granted;" whereas, to

the beginner or the teacher not naturally

a story-teller, the secondary or implied

technique is often of greater difficulty than

the mastery of underlying principles.  The

few suggestions which follow are of this

practical, obvious kind."


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