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The Tale of Brownie Beaver.

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The Tale of Brownie Beaver.  Arthur Scott Bailey

"The village near one end of Pleasant Valley where Farmer Green often

went to sell butter and eggs was not the only village to be seen from

Blue Mountain. There was another which Farmer Green seldom visited,

because it lay beyond the mountain and was a long distance from his

house. Though he owned the land where it stood, those that lived there

thought they had every right to stay there as long as they pleased,

without being disturbed.


It was in this village that Brownie Beaver and his neighbors lived. It

was a different sort of town, too, from the one where Farmer Green

went each week. Over beyond Blue Mountain all the houses were built in

a pond. And all their doors were under water. But nobody minded that

because--like Brownie Beaver--everybody that dwelt there was a fine



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